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Easy-to-use Customer Management and Analytical Tools

Managing day-to-day routes involves much more than simply optimizing the stops. There's an inherent need to capture related data such as service details, job notes, client information, and driver assignment. Routevault offers a clean and efficient way to capture and reference this data in one easy-to-use tool.

Client Database / CRM Connectivity

Manage important client & service information.

Mobile Use

Optimized for online and mobile use.

Share Routes

Share routes with your drivers - print, text, or email. Add important notes related to a stop on the route.

Routing Flexibility

Easily analyze hundreds of addresses and quickly build routes based on location and/or service criteria. Drag-and-drop the route order or reverse the entire route. Add latitude & longitude coordinates in support of new neighborhoods and businesses. Orgranize up to 30 stops per route from start-to-finish while optimizing the first 10 stops. Future paid versions will offer increased route optimization and other features.

Property Measurement

Polygon and line tools provide square footage and distance measurements.

Analytical Tools

Capture and manage important client information, quickly search and locate route data based on user-defined criteria such as address, city, zipcode, driver, job type, or date.

Route Navigation

Quickly access native voice-guided navigation directly from your smart phone.